Monday, 17 October 2011

Jimena can't meet payroll because of loss of PIE income

Pedro Corbacho
JIMENA (Agencies) As we reported here, state and regional payments have been retained from Jimena until the Social Security and Tax authorities have been paid. This means that the Council is unable to meet its payroll for September. The 90 people working in the Town Hall have yet to receive their salary and, according to Councillor for the Treasury Pedro Corbacho, the situation is made worse because there is no income of any kind. Therefore, Jimena joins La Línea and Los Barrios in being unable to pay their employees. Corbacho is making all sorts of efforts to get the matter settled but says that, while the Council needs €130,000 every month to meet the payroll, "every month there is a new surprise. The opposition [is the same party] as the Junta and the central government. I no longer believe in coincidences - but I do believe in the phone." (Prospero note: Don't you wish they would all just stop throwing ever larger stones at each other like children in the playground and get together to do what they were voted in for: to sort things out?)

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