Monday, 24 October 2011

Over €26,000 to paint barriers in blue and yellow

ALGECIRAS (Agencies) In its wisdom, the Council is investing €26,018 to paint the barriers on the by-pass road in blue with yellow stripes, representing the flag of Algeciras. A statement from Councillor for Traffic, Jacinto Muñoz says he is very pleased that Mayor José Ignacio Landaluce managed to persuade the head of State Roads Demarcation in Cádiz, Miguel Ángel Schmolling, that the work is necessary. Not only is the Council financing the paint itself, but it is also providing the two workmen needed. In fact, work began last week, cleaning the ditches and side roads from Los Pastores to the old Celupal factory and access to the port. Depending on the weather, completion should be in about two months.

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