Monday, 31 October 2011

Personal reconciliation or just politics?

(Photo: Paco Guerrero)
ALGECIRAS Gibraltar's Chief Minister, Peter Caruana, paid an official visit to Algeciras last week. The Mayor of the town across the bay that is variably called 'of Gibraltar' or 'of Algeciras' is none other than José Ignacio Landaluce, until very recently a loud, almost manically outspoken critic of Gibraltar and anything but a friend of the Rock. And here they are, the best of friends, right under a pensive King of Spain. Landaluce has just given Caruana a memento of the occasion last Friday when they buried a couple of hatchets for Caruana's first official visit to Algeciras. They discussed the things that were in common, and also what is not, according to Caruana. "In the important things, it is true that we hold opposing views," said Landaluce. About the Tripartite Forum, Landaluce evaded questions, saying only that it is a good idea to keep the dialogue open. However, it is well known that the Mayor is dead against any participation by Gibraltar in any talks, including anyhting related to teritorial waters.

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