Sunday, 9 October 2011

Severely gored bullfighter: "I will fight with an eyepatch"

See below for horrifying close-up
ZARAGOZA (Agencies) Juan José Padilla was severely gored last Friday at the ring in Zaragoza. The bull's horn went through his jaw and eye. He was informed that the left side of his face would probably be paralysed and he will most likely lose the sight in that eye, though there is a chance that after some time and scarring, repairs could be made to gain some movement. His reaction was to order his apoderado (manager in bullfighting parlance) not to cancel any of his November engagements in the Americas. Friends and fellow toreros agree that, although he is still in Intensive Care at the Miguel Servet Hospital, he is in good spirits and 'always ready for more', and 'he says he will fight with an eyepatch if he has to'. His medical team say that Padilla has so far avoided any infection to the area, which is what they had been very concerned about.>>>

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