Monday, 24 October 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS EU leaders get stuck without a solution - Fernández de Kirchner Landslide in Argentine elections - Al Qaeda traces in Spanish volunteers' kidnap / ABC (Over photo of motorbike accident) Tragic ending for bravest rider - Al Qaeda behind volunteer kidnap / PÚBLICO Sarkozy says Spain out of trouble - PP ahead by 11.6 points - (PP spokesman) Pons calls PSOE voters 'idiots' - Two Spanish and one Italian volunteers kidnapped in the Sahara / EL MUNDO 69% bElieve ETA has not given up terrorism - Judge investigates public money divertedto company owned by Urdangarín and the Infanta / CINCO DÍAS  (Business & Finance) Taxman watches 8,000 large companies closely - Casinos demand equality with online gambling - Telefónica backs discount coupons in UK / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) Algeciras to charge for use of changing rooms - Two Spaniards kidnapped in Sahara refugee camp - MotoGP takes life from Simoncelli

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