Thursday, 13 October 2011

UN urges Spain and Britain to reach a 'final solution'

GIBRALTAR/SPAIN/UK (Agencies) The UN's fourth Decolonisation Committee has once again urged the Governments of Spain and the UK to reach a 'final decision' on the Gibraltar problem. At the same time it encouraged both sides, and Gibraltar, to continue with the Tripartite Forum. The resolution comes after addresses from the Spanish embassador to the UN, Juan Pablo de la Iglesia, Gibraltar's Chief Minister Peter Caruana and Leader of the Opposition Fabian Picardo. Spain's position remains that there can be no possible solution without the return of the Rock to Spain, and no negotiation with Gibraltar, only with the UK; Gibraltar's, that there can be no solution without the possibility of self-determination, and that Gibraltar must participate in all negotiations; Britain's, that there can be no solution without the agreement of the people of Gibraltar, and from Defence Minister Liam Fox at the Conservative Party conference, there can be no question about (Gib's) sovereignty; and the UN's, that they should all bang their heads together to find a solution. No change there, then.

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