Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Full party candidate lists for Gibraltar elections

Debating at CampoPulse offices
GIBRALTAR Following our earlier item on the present opposition parties' lists we thought that in the interests of fairness and objectivity, we should also publish those of the party  presently in power. However after heated debate at our editorial offices (in the loo, in front of the mirror), we decided that in the further interests of democracy, we should in fact publish all three lists at the same time. Don't ask. So in the even further interests of peace among the monkeys, we heretofore declare no interest in the matter other than occasional. See the lists below>>>

  1. Peter Caruana
  2. Lianne Azopardi
  3. Damon Bossino
  4. Yvette Delagua
  5. Isobel Ellul-Hammond
  6. Danny Feetham
  7. Selwyn Figueras
  8. Joe Holliday
  9. Jaime Netto
  10. Edwin Reyes

     GSLP/GLP Coalition
  1. Fabian Picardo (GSLP)
  2. Joe Bossano (GSLP)
  3. Gilbert Licudi (GSLP)
  4. Charles Bruzon (GSLP)
  5. John Cortés (GSLP)
  6. Samantha Sacramento (GSLP)
  7. Paul Balban (GSLP)
  8. Joseph García (GLP)
  9. Steven Linares (GLP)
  10. Neil Costa (GLP)

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