Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Three Gibraltar policemen injured in joint operation collision

(Illustration only)
GIBRALTAR/ SPAIN Three members of the Royal Gibraltar Police were injured last night while working in a joint anti-drug operation with the Guardia Civil. Vessels of both forces were in pursuit of a suspicious boat, operation that began in the disputed 'territorial water's and ended in Spanish waters. Of the three police involved, two were rescued from the water by GC agents, who, no sooner had the collision occurred, went to their assistance, and later took them to the Punta de Europa Hospital in Algeciras. The third Gibraltar police officer was first taken to the La Línea Hospital but is now at St. Bernard's. The RGP boat was severely damaged in the collision, the GC boat less so, but the boat they were chasing managed to get away. RGP Commissioner Louis Wink issued a statement thanking the Guardia Civil.

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