Monday, 14 November 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS Italy entrusts givernment to Technocrat Monti to avoid sinking - (Economy Minister) Salgado urges tax inspector to raise more in two months to reduce deficit - "They didn't try to save my mother because there was no operating theatre" / ABC Rajoy: "I think we're going to win" - Spain pays almost €100 million per day on debt interest - Monti wants a government that generates confidence in Italy / PÚBLICO (Over photo of Rajoy jumping onstage) Rajoy heads upwards - Dukes of Palma income during Nóos era is secret - Monti forms government and Berlusconi doesn't give in / EL MUNDO  PSOE says its polls put it at 8.9 points from PP - Urdangarín rigged tender called by Balearic government - Merkel wants common fiscal policy to be in place in 2012 /  EXPANSIÓN (Business & Finance) BBVA creates unit with its real estate assets - Bank of Spain, obliged to to keep employees accounts - New Italian government prepares adjustment plan for €25,000 million / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) Rajoy sees himslef as winner and Rubalcaba 'scratches' votes from the 'indifferent' - Junta to invest 171 million in the area in hydrological works - Family bankruptcies up in Cádiz because of crisis

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