Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS Debt crisis hits at 12 of the 17 eurozone countries - Al Asad, increasingly isolated, sinks Syria into violence - Cocaine use hits ceiling after decades of increase / ABC In rescue zone five days before 20-N - Judge Ayala implicates (Andalucía President) Griñán in ERE fraud - Fear rises that young ETAs won't respect cease fire / PÚBLICO PP predicts protests when it says 'What we have to do' -  Attacks on European debt intensify - NY Police remove 'indignant' with force / EL MUNDO Rajoy commits to 'break' siege of Spanish debt - Cyber attack fills Facebook with sex and violence - Princesses' secretary was Treasurer of Intsituto Nóos / EXPANSIÓN (Business & Finance) Financial suffocation - Investment seeks refuge in USA and emeregnts -  Quoted profits fall by 18% up to September / EUROPA SUR (Los Barrios Mayor) Romero challenges opposition to remove or accept his budget - La Línea Hospital pioneers surgical technique - ERE judge points at Griñán and Aguayo in last part of election campaign

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