Friday, 16 December 2011

Gibraltar phone scam warning

GIBRALTAR (Press release) The Royal Gibraltar Police has received information to the effect that a Credit Card scam is currently being carried out on members of the public in Gibraltar. The scam involves the victim receiving a telephone call from somebody claiming to be from Microsoft. The victim is then informed that there is a serious virus on their computer and that they have a programme which will remove it for a standard fee. The caller, who calls himself James Smith then asks for the credit card and personal details. Once they have this they are able to use it to make illegal purchases on the Internet.The RGP says it wishes to bring this to the notice of the public. Microsoft, a reputable company, would not call up and ask for credit card details in such a manner. The RGP urges members of the public not to give out any information regarding their credit cards to anyone who they do not know.The RGP also wishes to highlight the need to protect personal data relating to credit cards. Documents such as account statements and even transaction slips will contain card details, which the fraudsters can use to scam their victims. Therefore due care should be taken when disposing of these types of items to prevent them coming into the hands of criminals.If any member of the public requires advice on this matter they can contact the Financial Crime Unit of the RGP on telephone No. 20072954.

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