Monday, 13 February 2012

7,690 people cross the frontier every day to work in Gibraltar

Monument to Frontier Workers
GIBRALTAR (Agencies) A recent report from the Ministry of Enterprise, Training and Employment offers a figure of 7,690 people who cross the frontier daily for work in Gibraltar, a figure dated February 2 this year that is 200 people less than for the same period last year. The largest contingent of frontier workers is the Spanish, which doubles the number of British workers. Spanish workers amount to 4,152, some 205 less than for December 2011, which can be explained as the result of the Government closing down several works in progress that are now being scrutinized. The decrease began in August last year, according to the Ministry's report. As for British workers, the report says that they amounted to 2,062, half that of the Spaniards and also showing a decrease, though less so. Other nationalities include Portuguese (297), Polish (143), German (110), Romanian (97), Italian (85), French (76), Hungarian (68) and Irish (67). To these must be added Gibraltarians that live in Spain, who amount to 145. There are also a lesser number of nationals that include people from Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Holland, Greece, Latvia Lithuania, Israel, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. Another interesting statistic emanating from the report is that of>>>construction workers, a total of 2,782, including British, Spanish and Moroccan nationals, among others.

The most numerous among construction workers are the British, with a total of 1,210 workers, of whom 1,156 are full-time. Spaniards number 1,011, of whom 979 are men and 32, women.

The figures on construction workers for September last year was a total of 1,568, a difference of 358 less, which shows that a large part of the decrease is indeed in the building trade.

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