Thursday, 23 February 2012

Border police, Real Madrid fans all

Closer scrutiny of passports have been noticed
GIBRALTAR (GibChronicle) "There has been an increase of frontier queues detected in recent days affecting both ingoing and outgoing traffic. Although some of this can be attributed to the continuing tobacco smuggling activity across the border, informed sources have stated that the Policía Nacional have begun to carry out more thorough checks of travel documents, including passing passports through the ‘toaster’ with much greater frequency than before. The informed source also attributes this more zealous approach by officers to the Anglo-Spanish diplomatic activity including the Cameron-Rajoy summit in London this week. However, it has also been noted that on Tuesday when Real Madrid played their European Champions League fixture in Russia as usual at the earlier time of 6pm rather than the habitual 8.45pm, all traffic was cleared in time for kick-off. It is understood that the vast majority of Policía Nacional officers are ardent Real Madrid supporters.It has been further observed that whenever Real Madrid plays its European matches traffic frontier flow is cleared well ahead of kick-off."

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