Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Four arrested for stealing sheep, illegal transport of same and throwing them out of the window

JIMENA (Press release) Four people were arrested by the Guardia Civil early yesterday morning for allegedly stealing several sheep from a farm in the municipality, transport them in a car and, on seeing they were being stopped, throwing the animals out of the car against the officers' vehicle during a high speed chase. The incident began when the GC saw a vehicle getting onto the A-405 with illegal manouvres. They tried to stop it but couldn't and a pursuit ensued. During the chase, the car drove onto the opposite side of the road several times and, suddenly, the occupants threw several sheep out of the window towards the Guardia vehicle, one of which hit it the bonnet. Once the vehicle had been stopped, the GC requested help from the Local Police to check the place where the sheep had been thrown out and remove the animals if necessary. Further investigation of the car elicited another sheep in the boot. The four occupants are now accused of severe disobedience to the authorities, animal abuse and robbery with force.

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