Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Police report false robbery statement and false ID at the Frontier

Illustration only
Man used false Spanish ID document at Gibraltar frontier
LA LÍNEA (Press release) The National Police arrested R.M.M., 53 accused of making a false statement when reporting her car stolen. Apparently she reported her Peugeot 307, registered in her name and supposedly stolen early in February. The keys had been left in the car,she said. She returned the following day to say that the car had been found in San Roque. When the police looked into the matter, they discovered that the car had eluded a routine check by the Guardia Civil Traffic Division, on the same day that it had been supposedly stolen. The woman was called in again and confessed to the false report, using as an excuse that she had only wanted to protect her son, who had been driving it. She was arrested and is now 'at the disposal of the courts'. In another matter, a Lithuanian man -U.N., 33- was detained at the border for using someone else's national identity card. When he he was challenged about the photo on the document, he insisted it was he. However, the Police were able to identify him in his real identity and he was arrested for using a false identity and is now 'at the disposal of the courts'.

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