Thursday, 16 February 2012

Reader asks: do we really have to take the baby to the National Police to prove he exists?

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Maybe one of our readers can answer this question (it's a very long time since Prospero had to deal with live babies): "When we applied for the baby's NIE number at the National Police station in La Línea, we were told that he had to be presented in person. This despite the fact that he has his own British passport and we had gathered all the documents needed to get his NIE. Has anyone been through this lately?" If you have, or know someone who has, please click on the word 'comments' below and tell us about it. We have to admit we were astonished by this one!

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PROSPERO said...

RECEIVED BY EMAIL: Yes I had exactly the same experience when we adopted our son (then aged 3). I got his NIE in spring 2011. When I first went to the police station in La Linea I had all his adoption papers and passport with me but was told that they needed to see him in person. So we returned and queued for nearly an hour so that eventually he could play with the official's paperclips while the form was stamped!"