Monday, 5 March 2012

Carteia to show unseen places this weekend

SAN ROQUE An extraordinary guided tour of areas at the Roman ruins of Carteia is scheduled for this coming Saturday. Enthusiasts of Roman ruins (of whom we seem to have been meeting more lately - something in the water?) will get to see places that are not included in the usual tour, such as the theatre and what has been called 'the shops'. The tours, of 50 people maximum, take place at 10 and 11.30am, lasting about an hour and a half. Also, we're told, a visit to the top of the town gives a magnificent overall view of the 30 hectares so far unearthed. An optional addition is a visit to the Municipal Museum in San Roque. If you're interested, here's where to book and find out more: Carteia: 956 670 122 from 10am to 2pm; e-mail: - or the Municipal Tourist Office, 956 694 005 from 10am to 2pm; e-mail:

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