Friday, 23 March 2012

Galicia drug ring arrests in Jimena and Algeciras

JIMENA The Guardia Civil Recently arrested two local men, one from Jimena and another from Algeciras, for their involvement in a notorious cocaine trafficking ring based in Galicia. The arrests were part of an operation that includes arrests in Pontevedra, Galicia.A total of 7.2 kilos of pure cocaine were found in the operation, allegedly ready for distribution to various parts of the country. The man who was supposedly to receive the drug for distribution was F.G.F.C., 35, of Jimena, while his collaborator in Algeciras was C.J.P.P., 26. Operación Potro, as it is called, was concluded on Wednesday after two years of close investigation, including following vehicles from Galicia to Cádiz, even though the gang made very careful security plans. More arrests were made and homes and vehicles searched after a car belonging to the gang was stopped in the province of Cádiz (photo).

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