Wednesday, 7 March 2012

JimenaPulse's very first item - originally published on March 5, 2007

(Picture missing, will try to find it!) Along the Hozgarganta River, on the village side, is a footpath that was probably created originally by the Romans, who carved their way into the limestone rock (see picture). Later, in the XVII Century, a foundry mill (known today as La Fábrica de Bombas, The Bomb Factory) was built at great effort and expense, near the present bridge at Pasada de Alcalá. However, due to miscalculations about water levels in the summer (there ain't none), it only functioned for eleven years and was abandoned in favour of another similar mill near today's San Pablo. See the original here. Given that this is our anniversary month, we will be putting up some of our old articles, and stats, and other bits and pieces - always supposing we have the time between trying to earn a living. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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