Wednesday, 21 March 2012

We, too, are banned at La Línea town hall

Mayor Araujo in Cádiz
LA LÍNEA It turns out that both JimenaPulse and CampoPulse are blocked from the computers at the Town Hall. Rather surprisingly, since we're in English, a language not spoken by just about everybody there. This in common with all local media and the social networks, a ban that began yesterday. Trying to access us or pretty much anyone else brings up a notice that reads (in translation): "The content of the website you are intending to see has been detected (sic) as inappropriate. If you think it has been blocked erroneously contact the data processing department." The measure has appeared when much of the media has and is criticising Mayor Gemma Araujo's decision to 'lock herself in' the offices of Diputación in Cádiz - something many consider mere electioneering (regional elections are on Sunday). The reasons given by Araujo for the ban are that "the decision had been taken some time ago and is being implemented gradually" so the Council has limited the use of telephones and computers because of "inadequate practices. As for computers, we are proceeding to forbid access to web pages that are unrelated to the work, such as visits to publications, e-commerce or social networks." Apparently phones have been used in the past to ring special (high-tariff) numbers (often used prostitutes and pornographers) as well as for long-distance calls. Disciplinary measures were also announced.

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