Saturday, 14 April 2012

Capucine and her 'tara-tari' on their way to Miami

LA LÍNEA (Europa Sur) Tara-tari is a Bangladeshi fishing boat, nine meters long and two wide. Capucine Trochet is the French rower who pitched up in it at Alcaidesa over Easter, on her solo way from Marseilles to Miami. So far, the trip has taken five months - even though tara-tari means 'speedy' in the language of the Bangladeshi workshop where the boat was built. But hers is not just an adventure: through her 'sponsors', Watever, she wants to prove that the jute produced in Bangladesh can readily be considered a viable technical fibre with many industrial uses. "We want to go as far as possible," she told Europa Sur, "to study how the fibre reacts [to different conditions] and [how well it] ages. Also, there is a special philosophy about travelling like this, without electronics or instruments: it is possible to make your dreams come true quite cheaply. What I'm doing is not easy, but it is my dream. And it's also an adventure."

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