Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Internet down for three hours - and more?

GIBRALTAR The report in The Gibraltar Chronicle reads as follows: "Many businesses and homes were without internet access for over three hours, due to a fault with Gibtelecom’s internet network, yesterday afternoon. The main areas of Gibraltar that were affected were town area and north district. Internet connection was lost at 2pm and not restored till 5.30pm, leaving many businesses unable to operate for the whole afternoon. Adrian Moreno, Gibtelecom’s Operations Director said, “Our engineers were working to restore the ADSL service since the onset of the fault which was caused by a software bug in the operating system of an ADSL aggregator.” That does not mean that the systems have been hacked and bugs implanted. Gibtelecom explained that internet equipment has an operating system and the software that this system uses got the bug and that their systems are still secure. They also said that this was a one off. A statement issued by Gibtelecom said, “The Company apologises for any inconvenience caused to customers.”" From outside the Rock, however, we were unable to look at both the Chronicle Online, or the Panorama site, for more than a day. Service from our point of view was restored some time this afternoon.

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