Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Unpaid municipal workers are planning 'massive demonstration'

Previous union demo
LA LÍNEA The municipal workers of La Línea are planning a 'massive demonstration' to be held soon, in order to protest about their 'dramatic' circumstances they have been forced into: in a few days' time they will have been unpaid for nine months. Union representatives say that the demo could be held 'in the next couple of weeks'. The situation, they add, is having a 'very big impact on the Council as well as on La Línea, as the Ayuntamiento is the town's largest employer'. They protest that while the politicians throw accusations at each other, 'it's the workers who suffer'. They are appealing to the national government and the Junta so that La Línea can receive its share of the Patrica System, which is a portion of the taxes collected from the regions by the central government. Meanwhile, Mayos Gemma Araujo has demanded one million euros per month from the provincial tax service or, she says, she will rescind the town's contract with it and collect its own taxes.

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