Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mar y Sol Market grows and grows

SOTOGRANDE The new Every-Other-Saturday market at Mar y Sol just outside Sotogrande (see map below) is growing apace. The image, left, is of just one item at just one of the many stalls there. There is room for more, especially foodstuffs (do you know a bread maker?), but the stalls that are there already offer a wide variety of things - and it can be under a roof if it rains. Tanya Ward, who started it, tells us of this week's 'special': "Spanish Stray Dogs will be attending our market on the 21st April, we need to give them as much support as we can as they do a fabulous job in re-homing stray dogs and cats. Please tell all your friends to come and support their stall. If you have any unwanted items they can sell on from their stall please bring them along. If you can donate some dog or cat food it would be very well appreciated."

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