Friday, 27 April 2012

'No prospect of payment' of municipal salaries

Gemma Araujo
LA LÍNEA Mayor Gemma Araujo admitted yesterday that she is no nearer paying municipal employee salaries than she was after the last partial payment she made over Easter, which was for November salaries. Therefore, and given that Tuesday, May 1, is a Bank Holiday, April salaries have to be added to the long list of the unpaid. Unless there is news on Monday, which from all information, is very unlikely. This will add up to eight months for functionaries' salaries and nine months for other municipal workers (See a following item on how just one family is/is not coping). According to the current labour laws, the latter have to go to court to claim their salaries for May last year before the end of the month, or lose their right to payment. The unions representing both types of employees have announced a 'massive demonstration' to take place soon.

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