Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Reader's story: The eagle on the washing machine

JIMENA (Via e-mail) Having veterinary qualifications is often useful, especially when living in Jimena. I have been presented with all sorts from new-born kittens in dustbin bags together with rubbish, to puppies in bags in the river and a week old kid (goat) which I believe was going to be a family's dinner. Even tortoises and birds. All successfully hand-reared and re-homed. However, one night last week my neighbours called me round as they had seen an injured bird and would I come and help! Out I went into the dark to see this young eagle on top of a mountain of rubble - so up I went armed with safety towel to capture the "small bird" with talons and head armour. Once caught the eagle came to stay with us for a while and lived on the patio. This bird of prey had been captured recently as all his flight feathers had been cut in a very bad way making him unable to fly. The eagle is now fit and well and despite his disadvantage, he is safely in Castellar zoo - hopefully living a more natural life than living on my patio on top of the washing machine. It is illegal to capture and keep birds of prey and if reared in captivity a licence is required so please leave them be, they do not make good pets. (Micaela VN)

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PROSPERO said...

(Via e-mail) "I think (as your ornithologimacal consultant) that the eagle in your story is in fact a Buzzard. Still an impressive bird. I expect you are going to tell me it's a Booted Eagle! Signed: Jon Turner"
Answer: No, Jon, wouldn't be so presumptuous since I can hardly tell a pigeon from a vulture! But thanks anyway!