Monday, 28 May 2012

Chiclana businesses and residents ask for an end to illegal building

Aerial view of Chiclana
CHICLANA  The latest police operation that resulted in 32 people being charged with various counts related to illegal land speculation and building has caused more than consternation among the municipality's residents and authorities. For instance, the Business Association of Chiclana has roundly condemned 'town planning corruption', according to one report. Its president, Nicolás Rodriguez, made a statement recently about 'the need to cut professional misconduct and any business that deals with it, at the very roots'. For its part, Chiclana Council, headed by Mayor Ernesto Marín, said that it had cooperated fully with the Guardia Civil in its investigations into urban corruption, 'and would continue to do so because we are talking about the future', which should not be left in the hands of a few corrupt speculators. The organization that serves the victims of illegal building, a political party called Partido Vecinal Regionalista (PVRE, with two Councillors), also came out against the illegal practices, calling those who take part in them 'soulless', while recalling the large number of people who have come to them with tears in their eyes having lost their homes overnight.

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