Friday, 25 May 2012

Diana Jacklin sings Verdi's Lady Macbeth aria

(Source: CODA music society) Diana Jacklin sings Lady Macbeth's aria Ambizioso Spirto from Verdi's Macbeth. Kristin Okerlund is at the piano. Diana Jacklin came to the first International Music Festivals of Jimena and was a wild success. She returned several times, not just to perform but also as a private visitor. Great to see her here!

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PROSPERO said...

FROM FACEBOOK: Thank you for posting this, Alberto. Is the festival still going on? I would love to come back to perform, and I can bring my husband, the fantastic violinist Hartmut Ometzberger. I'm now based in Vienna, so I am closer. Please pass my love and greetings to all in Jimena!

OUR ANSWER:Well, hi, Diana!! Great to hear from you! Alas, the festival is no longer, having sunk into oblivion for lack of funding ... However, I will pass your comment on to the CODA society and, who knows, we'll see what happens. I'm sure Jimena would like me to send you its love and greetings, too.