Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ferrán Adrià to be sued for 'taking advantage'

El Bulli, at Roses, Costa Brava
SPAIN The country's best known chef, the leader of international recognition for Spanish cooking that has lasted for years, the man who made El Bulli Restaurant into an A-list eatery with, at one point, a waiting list of eighteen months, the teacher who taught most of the top ten chef's of today, the head of an unrivaled international business empire - Ferrán Adrià, is being sued by the heirs of the man who financed the beginnings of this extraordinary enterprise that has made Adrià a guru among gourmets. He and partner Juli Soler are facing charges that he 'took advantage' of Miquel Horta (the financier) when they bought his shares in El Bulli at a 'laughable price'.>>>
Brothers Jofre and Sergi Horta decided on court action because they believe their father was misled at the time of the purchase because Adrià and Soler failed to report the income of a wide range of parallel activities and enterprises that carried the El Bulli imprint. The Hortas are seeking the annulment of the purchase deeds that sealed the deal in 2005 because they understand that their father was 'legally incapable' at that time. Miquel Horta, according to his heirs, had a psychiatric illness and was deceived about the real value of his shares, which he had held since 1994.

The court in Barcelona set the date for the suit to be heard on October 29, 30 and 31, when statements and proof will be taken.

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