Friday, 25 May 2012

Gibraltar continues to harass five Algeciras fishing boats

ALGECIRAS (Agencies) At least five fishing boats based at Algaciras were again involved in several tense moments yesterday evening when Royal Navy patrol boats came out into Gibraltar waters. The latest of several incidents -which Rock authorities say privately are being provoked by the new PP government in Madrid- comes after the previous nights incidents when the fishermen and Guardia Civil crossed insults and threats in the bay. This time, according to fishing sources, at least three RGP boats and one Royal Navy vessel harassed them, even though they were protected by four Guardia Civil launches. The matter has jumped to national headlines and at the top of news broadcasts on Spanish radio and television. It is also expected now to be put at the head of the agenda for next Tuesday's meeting between Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo and his British counterpart, William Hague.

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