Wednesday, 9 May 2012

'No bull please' says Gibraltar group

Instituto Cervantes,
10 Market Lane, Gibraltar
GIBRALTAR (Press release, verbatim) The Voice of Gibraltar Group notes that the Institute Cervantes has to date kept a low profile and avoided contentious topics. However, in seeking to promote ‘the art of bullfighting’ they have chosen a topic that will place them into direct confrontation with Gibraltarians who share the Great British respect for animals. As a representative of a foreign state which in general shows no respect towards the Gibraltarian people and its institutions, spending its money on promoting the language, wine tasting, Zarusula [sic, they mean Zarzuela],>>>
and obscure cultural talks is harmless and entertains and educates the small handful of people who attend. No doubt there are aficionados of this barbaric practice locally, they can easily see it in its native setting or at home on Spanish television but are probably not interested in the esoteric ‘cultural aspects’. If it’s the Institute experimenting to see how contentious they can be before provoking a reaction, they have succeeded. Perhaps the next talk is about fishing to extinction, the art of incursion, and the benefits of blocking membership of UEFA. Should any organisations wish to show their opinion in the traditional manner, the VOGG will support them. However a better outcome would be for the Institute to take note of public opinion and not to engage in defending the indefensible. [Your comments please!][See Panorama on related protest]

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