Thursday, 17 May 2012

Queen cancels trip to London in protest about Gibraltar fishing rights

SPAIN/GIBRALTAR/UK (Agencies) Queen Sofía has cancelled a planned trip to London, originally scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, as part of Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee celebrations, at a luncheon at Windsor hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip. The Spanish Government deemed the visit 'inappropriate' given the present conflict between Spain and Britain over the rights of Spanish fishermen in the waters around Gibraltar. This is added to the three-day visit by Prince Edward planned for June 11. Diplomatic sources have said that the conflict was reopened after discussions between the Gibraltar Government and fishing representatives broke down last week. A third reason for the Spanish Government to advise the Royal Household to cancel Queen Sofía's visit to London, is the fact that the Royal Gibraltar Regiment is scheduled to play music in London as part of the Jubilee celebrations. Buckingham Palace was advised of the cancellation but has made no comment, the same position also being taken by the Foreign Office.

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Joey Cook said...

Spain gave Gibraltar in 1713 to the british. So I totally understand that the Gibrltarians don't want to go back to Spain. The peoples voice should be heard and respected by both countries. Besinds Spain can't pay their own bills let alone grab up another piece of land. The Prince of spain had no business going hunting for elephants when his country is in such dier straights. Same goes for our president. No I am not picking on Obama I'll leave that to someone else. I would say the same no matter what party is in office. When people are struggling you my take one of two trips a year but not as many as our presidents do. Even if you have a lot of money you do not flaunt it when you are in the public eye.