Friday, 11 May 2012

What if you break down on a 'non-apt road? Does your car insurance cover you?

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JIMENA During a recent conversation over a coffee in the square we heard that a friend had had a breakdown about a couple of kilometers from her home, which is a fair way out in the campo. She had good insurance coverage but when she called the recovery service they refused to come to where she'd broken down because the road was listed as a vía no apta, or 'not apt'. She had to find a friendly farmer with a tractor to pull her car to the nearest 'apt' road so that it could be rescued. This, apparently, happens a lot on the country rods in the Campo de Gibraltar, from what we hear. So what's all this about roads being apt or not apt?>>>We sought information from an insurance agent only to be told that there are roads, plenty in the Campo de Gibraltar, that are considered too difficult for a grúa (recovery vehicle) so the drivers won't get to a broken down car.
We then mentioned it to our bank manager, Alberto Piña Cobalea, at La Caixa, because we know they also sell insurance. He was surprised that we didn't know about their coverage and proceeded to hand over a pamphlet.
And there we read 'Roadside assistance from Km 0' which is a fancier way of saying 'from wherever you may be'. Okay, they don't mention vias no aptas, but we're assured that they will make every effort to reach a broken down vehicle wherever it may be, though we're willing to bet that if you end up in a lake or an overflowing river, it might be a little more difficult than in the ordinary course of events.
(Just to keep on the right side of our bank manager, if you're interested in obtaining good coverage, drop into any La Caixa office and ask about car insurance).

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