Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Woman denounces hospital for using 'inappropriate' instruments

ALGECIRAS (Agencies) An Algeciras resident has denounced the Punta de Europa Hospital for damages received as the result of an operation carried out with the proper instruments. She alleges that she was admitted for surgery to remove a polyp, which, owing to her allegations, caused vaginal lesions as well as now-constant headaches and sickness presumably because of inadequate or inappropriate anaesthesia. Among other things, she says that, having been on the waiting list for over three months, and given a surgery date for last Friday, when she turned up she was told by the doctor that he had good news and bad news. The good news was that the polyp was not malignant, and the bad news, that surgery could not proceed because the right equipment was not available; they had been waiting for it for three months. Nevertheless, she was taken into the operating room, where the surgery went ahead. She and her family now ask themselves, how it is possible that the surgery went ahead if the proper instruments were not available. The matter is now in the hands of Court Number 1 in Algeciras.

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