Saturday, 23 June 2012

Another reason Spain is in this mess: some salary and qualification comparisons in Spain

Spanish parliament (
SPAIN (Original source: TioJimeno) We came across this article, have extended it, and added some commentary. We would appreciate your comments, too. Some of these salaries are increased with extra payments and overtime, and are here offered only as a guide; they are also starting salaries. As for the qualifications needed simply to apply, these are as close as we can come to the reality, and we have left them as they are in Spanish though they do have equivalents in other countries - with the exception of the so-called 'oposiciones', a test that requires vast preparation.>>>
  • Primary school teacher: €1,400/month, Bachillerato Superior, University Degree, one Oposición (To prepare our children for life)
  • Police Officer: €1,600, Bachillerato Superior, one Oposición (To risk his/her life for one)
  • Firefighter: €1,800, Bachillerato Superior, one Oposición (To save one's life)
  • Doctor (in public health service): €2,200, Bachillerato Superior, University Degree (six years), average highest marks in 'selectividad' (another dreadful examination), etc. etc. ... approx. eleven years of studies and exams. (To keep one alive and healthy)
  • Parliamentary Deputy: €30,000, no qualifications (To make a mess of things, including one's life - and this salary is for his/her life, even after being voted out!)
(Prospero note: this item should perhaps be taken with a pinch of salt as to the actual figures - but it does give one some perspective, doesn't it?)

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