Monday, 4 June 2012

Are you a friend yet?

It's a long haul, this Facebook thing. Okay, we know you've got your own stuff going on there and it's taken us a long while to accept the fact that the social media is the future - so, we gave in and now we have our own page, with a picture of Prospero to start with. He's the one with the bowler hat and the stupid smile - done by our good friend Abbé the cartoonist. We have loads of photos -over 15,000!- that will take a while to sort out, given our filing 'system', but they will be going up as soon as possible in nice orderly albums so's we can find 'em. We would like some more new friends, and thanks to those who responded brilliantly last week, so just click here and become our amigo or amiga. (We will soon find out how to get a Like thingy  -widget?- onto the site itself. Hey, it's a steep learning curve for the wrinklies!)

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