Monday, 18 June 2012

Guardia Civil union calls Royal Navy 'corsairs'

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A synonym for 'corsair' is 'privateer', origin of 'pirate'
SPAIN / GIBRALTAR (Agencies) The Guardia Civil union (UniónGC) announced yesterday that it will demand a retraction from Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, who referred to the GC as 'a paramilitary force' in his speech at the Committee of 24 at the UN, where he also said that Gibraltar will never be Spanish. The announcement came in a note from the union in which it says that the Royal Navy 'plays at being corsairs' in the waters that surround Gibraltar. The GC union's communiqué says>>>
that the GC is not a paramilitary force but a police force of Spain that submits to national and international laws, pointing out that 'it is not made up of mercenaries nor do its members behave like a paramilitary force'. Its Maritime Service 'does not carry out invasion not incursions' into Gibraltar but is there only 'to protect fishing vessels trying to work in Spanish waters', and is confronted by the might of the British Royal Navy, with military weapons and resources against mere police armament. In the meantime, the Royal Navy is 'flung at the police patrol boats of the Guardia Civil in a fruitless effort at intimidation', time and again, and even boarding the GC vessels in an apparent attempt to remind Europe of its past as corsairs. 'That is certainly paramilitary action', says the note. It should be remembered that King Juan Carlos is scheduled to visit Algeciras on Wednesday, in support of the Guardia Civil.

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