Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee celebrations at the Williams home

JIMENA Saturday was Jubilee Day at the Williams household just outside Jimena - we say this advisedly, as there seemed to be a manifest interest in the Derby, though nobody had brought their top hat. Lots of people turned out to celebrate the event at the Red, White & Blue party. The bunting and flags got tossed about by the wind a bit and the occasional piece of lettuce flew by occasionally on its way elsewhere, but there is no doubt that the food and drink were not only excellent but also plentiful. In fact, the hog roast, cooked in what its purveyor calls The Spit Fire, was the best to be tasted in many miles around, we're told. Judging by the number of people licking their fingers, this must be true. It was good to see people one hadn't seen for some time, and to meet new faces. Our special thanks to Ginny and Nick, always the very gracious hosts.

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