Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Prince Edward should be next Gibraltar Governor, says blogger

GIBRALTAR The headline reflects the views of David Eade, a well-known journalist of the sinister persuasion (meaning Left, nothing more - they have breakfast together often, David and Prospero, so we know he's an okay sort of fellow) as published in Gibraltar's Panorama and one of his several blogs, Gibraltar Viewpoint. The second paragraph of his article titled similarly to that above, reads: "Given that Prince Edward has taken over the leadership of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards from his aging father this is not the first time he has visited the Rock nor do I suspect will it be in the last in that role. This led me to thinking that given his obvious ease with Gibraltarians and their liking for him why shouldn't the bond be cemented and he be named as our next Governor?" You can read the whole article later, after we give our own little something toward the sentiment: we overheard someone say that they pitied the Gibraltarians with their Jubilee celebrations: "they only got Edward; he's way down the list." Right, now you can read David's thoughts, which, by the way, are a lot more serious than we're letting on here.

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