Thursday, 14 June 2012

Renewed tension in Algeciras Bay last night

LA LÍNEA While Algeciras and La Línea prepare for their own Royal Visit, local media report about the fishing boat Divina Providencia (Divine Providence), which was fishing in the Bay of Algeciras and was 'accosted' by a Royal Gibraltar Police patrol vessel. One report quoted the head of the fishing fleet of La Línea, Leoncio Fernández, as saying, "She had to go elsewhere to work because you can't fish like that. If the Guardia Civil hadn't been there, she would have been eaten up." Fernández also announced his intention of inviting King Juan Carlos to La Atunara to see the problem with his own eyes. This despite the fact that the fishermen left the latest meeting in Gibraltar to find a solution to the three month old problem full of optimism. "Now I think that the purpose of the meeting was only to drink water," says Fernández, according to another report.

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