Thursday, 14 June 2012

'Stolen babies': families join national movement

LA LÍNEA There are over one hundred reported cases of 'stolen babies' in La Línea, families who want to find out if they or their children siblings or parents are 'real' or otherwise. They want to find out who is responsible if their cases turn out to be 'stolen babies'. But they can't find anything out at all because the cases are sub judice (in Spain: bajo secreto de sumario, meaning the judge declares the case secret). And because several have been dismissed without explanation, and because the courts are taking a very long time to sort things out. There is no official association of stolen baby families in La Línea, and they have eschewed joining the movement of similar cases in the rest of Spain - until now.>>>
They are nevertheless in touch with other families and groups unofficially, which might explain why they have decided to join a national association, a 180º turn in their efforts to seek more information.

A spokesperson for the group said, "There is absolutely no information about anything in La Línea. We're a bit lost as to how to go about it. Several families were questioned by the judge and some DNA samples were taken, but things have come to a halt now."

The temporary answer seems to be for some of them to travel to Madrid for the first meeting of national associations and adopted children groups, to be held this Saturday, where the subject will be discussed and debated for the first time at national level.

The meeting is to be held under the slogan 'Truth Through Unity' and is to bring together some 25 groups with the common -and ghastly- experience of possibly having had a child removed and given or sold to another family.

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