Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Another dog story: road to Hell paved with good intentions

MOTRIL (GRANADA) (Translated from Facebook, linked to our invitation to a fundraising lunch on Thursday, which we hope you will attend) "An English couple tried to create a small refuge centre on a farm hidden up in the mountains near Motril ... they only came for holidays but paid someone to feed and water these dogs (2 hours a week!), but they stopped paying because they went bankrupt and that person stopped going ... it is heartbreaking ... the dogs have tried to escape, those who succeeded have been wandering all over the area, some with injuries from the wire. Others have tried to dig down to find shelter from the intense heat ... a small mother with two pups were caged separately, is just a bag of bones - who knows how long they've been without food or water! We don't think one of the puppies will survive. We got the call and went to see them immediately, but the road to the farm is almost impossible, it's very far away and for other kinds of cars (than ours). The animals are covered in ticks, fleas, thirsty and starving. We've only managed to give them a little food and water that won't last long at all, and we can't take care of them. They're so good and tame. THIS IS VERY URGENT - A REAL EMERGENCY! If we don't find foster homes OR HELP FROM SOME REFUGE CENTRE for them SOON, we're going to have to report them to SEPRONA, who will take them away to kill.!" The Facebook page contained a bank account number to send donations, but CampoPulse will not accept any responsibility as to its veracity: Cajamar: 3058/0130/17/2781464307. (See many more photos here.)

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