Sunday, 29 July 2012

Citypeg warns of Spanish worker redundancies in Gibraltar public sector

Monument to Spanish workers
La Línea
Unite union accused of 'looking the other way'
LA LÍNEA (Agencies) One of the organizations that covers Spanish workers in Gibraltar, Círculo de Trabajadores y Pensionistas Españoles en Gibraltar (Citypeg), sent out a warning last week that the Rock's Labour Minister, former Chief Minister Joe Bossano, is aiming to fire Spanish workers now employed by the public works department. According to Citypeg, Bossano is intent on "changing a full-time, indefinite employment contract for one that lasts only 11 months, and which when it comes to an end, will not be renewed, thus leaving these Spaniards unemployed." The organization called this idea "discriminatory" and accused Unite, the local union, of "looking the other way." "We are not surprised by Unite's attitude while thgis is going on," said a spokesperson, who went on to add that the new Governemnt of Gibraltar is creating "an unsustainable situation that could unleash confrontation between the two peoples."

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