Thursday, 5 July 2012

Credit where credit is due: nice things DO happen

JIMENA When something's right, we like to say so - we do spend a lot of time complaining. This is one of those good things. The necklace you see here was lost earlier in the year. Lots of sentimental value, grandmothers and mothers involved. Much searching desperately. Did I take it off and put it who knows where? Did it catch on a sweater as I pulled it off? Did I ... you know the feeling. Forget it, it's lost, get over it. Niggling thoughts in back of head for several months. Then, all of a sudden, the owner meets up with someone and mentions the necklace to her (still niggling in back of head, is why) and that person says, 'But I took one just like it months ago to the Ayuntamiento!' Yes, it was still there, and is now recovered and being worn again. (We do like nice, real stories... got any?)

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