Monday, 23 July 2012

Local Police rescue puppies from rubbish container

(Photo: TioJimeno)
We missed this last week on TioJimeno
CASTELLAR Local Police officers rescued three puppies on Thursday that had been abandoned in a rubbish container near Calles Chapatal and España. Only a few weeks old, they were taken to the station where they were fed and watered. One of them was almost immediately adopted by a neighbour, and is now called 'Poli' (short for policía, in case you wondered about our spelling!) The other two in the litter were waiting for a home over the weekend - and we will report about that as soon as we find out. This kind of thing is all too common and spekas volumes about the need to neuter our pets to avoid it. (And another thing: we do like to report good things when they happen - please tell us about them because they rarely get into the news.)

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