Thursday, 19 July 2012

Millions of Muslims in Spain begin Ramadan tomorrow

Main Mosque, Granada
SPAIN Over two million people living in Spain are Muslim, according to the Islamic community. All of them are called to start Ramadan tomorrow evening (as soon as they can see the new moon in Spain), a period of fasting that begins on the ninth lunar month and will last for the next thirty days. However, children, the elderly, pregnant or menstruating women are exempt, according to Ahmed Bermejo, who heads the Main Mosque in Granada. "If fasting is bad for your health, for whatever reason, then it is suggested you don't fast," says Bermejo. "We judge ourselves, and answer to ourselves. Each of us runs our relationship with Allah as best we can." The fact that Ramadan comes in the summer this year, worries some Muslims because most tend to be strict about it, and the intense heat can cause health problems. About two people a month convert to Islam in Spain, says the head of the Granada Mosque. "The way the world is these days, people are seeking help, and religion offers a different viewpoint," he says.

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