Monday, 16 July 2012

Minister offers to lead by example towards a healthier lifestyle

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GIBRALTAR (Government Press Release) At tomorrow’s meeting of the Gibraltar Health Authority, the report by Dr Vijay Kumar, the Director of Public Health, will outline some of the major findings of Gibraltar’s first-ever Health and Lifestyle Survey. The data became available last year and has now been professionally analysed.  Dr Kumar’s report is expected to announce that:>>>

  • 60% of Gibraltar’s population are Overweight or Obese 
  • 42% of Gibraltarians who are overweight are unaware that they are overweight 
  • 75% of men aged 45+ are overweight 
  • 75% of Gibraltar people do not eat 5 or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day – a significantly worse figure than in England & Wales. 
  • 29% of the population are smokers – a much higher figure than in England & Wales 
  • 31% of young people binge drink at least once a week. 
Minister Cortes
‘I am very conscious that my own lifestyle is not ideal,’ said Minister John Cortes.  ‘So I have committed myself to reaching a weight and level of fitness which, with the advice of professionals, will be a reflection of a healthy lifestyle.’

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