Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Reader's Question: How do we find out if a building extension is legal?

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JIMENA  (Via e-mail) "The ironworks just down from me is building a huge extension, which is going to bring all his noise and dust closer to private houses.  A neighbour was told some 5 years ago that the guy was moving a bit further out of the village, but that was probably to encourage the sale of his house. I do admire the guy who owns the works, because he really does put in the hours, but even before the extension was started, we are woken at 7am by crashing & banging and can't contemplate going to bed before midnight due to the noise in the street.  Bestest, Sleepless in Jimena!!" See the answer below>>>The only way to find out if the extension has a proper licence is to go to the town hall and ask. You will need the full address of the place and, probably, the owner's name. You will then have to read the licence to see what he is/is not allowed to do. If you aren't up to it, TranslationHELP can do it for you at a reasonable cost.

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