Wednesday, 25 July 2012

School books to remain free but no more laptops, says Junta

Education technology budget plunges from €25.4m to €4.8
ANDALUCÍA (Agencies) Despite the central government's directives about abolishing free school books throughout the country, the Junta de Andalucía's Department of Educatioon has decided that although it will no longer be able to supply laptops to fifth year primary school students, it will nevertheless continue to offer free books throughout the system. It also announces the 'suspension' of Tic 2.0 School programme, started in 2010 by the central government and the Junta, and which has allowed most, though not all, primary schools to become 'digitalized'. The reason, according to Education sources, is a 'lack of liquidity': the department has had to reduce its budget for technology from €25.4 million to a mere €4.8 million. That same source says that the department 'is working on designing a programme that guarantees technology teaching in the schools of Andalucía'. (Watch this space for a major article on education standards in this region, coming soon!)

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