Thursday, 19 July 2012

Scruffy (neé Notgeorge) finds a permanent home

JIMENA (a J.A.W.S. report) You will have read about Jimena's new animal protection society (unofficially called Jimena Animal Welfare Society- J.A.W.S) and the recent very successful (and fun!) luncheon held at Casa Henrietta. You will also have seen a photo of the Guest Dog of Honour, Scruffy - who until the Sunday before had been called Notgeorge (see why). Well, he's been found a permanent home in Jimena. As we write he is being welcomed into Kate Donson's home, as a companion/brother/whatever to Ollie. He will undergo another name change soon, which we will be reporting on - well, he's not scruffy any more, is he? This is JAWS's first 'project' and the committee (yes, there is one, kind of, more info later) thanks not only Kate for taking him on and ADANA in Estepona, who were willing to accept him if he wasn't homed and with whom we are creating good links already. (Watch this space for more news on J.A.W.S., including a Facebook page, a website and activities and events - even some good product ideas to raise funds!)

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